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From concept to completion, we formulate products that are safe, effective, and deliver results you can count on.

Relentless Dedication to Science and Quality

Since we founded Force Factor in 2009, our top priority has been to bring you the safest, most efficacious products available and provide you with the knowledge that what you receive in our products is exactly what you’re paying for. We have a dedicated science and quality team that handles all aspects of innovation, research and development and quality control operations. We take pride in knowing that every part of our innovation process is completed with safety and quality at the forefront of our minds.

Let's take a brief look into how we go about bringing the most superior products to Unleash Your Potential®:

Science Centric Research and Concept Generation

Our science team is constantly researching the latest scientific literature and new discoveries to stay at the forefront of relevant ingredient science as it relates to each of our products and brands. We work hand in hand with our key material suppliers to help discover, develop, and clinically test new innovative ingredients for use in our products. Once a new idea is determined for a product, a formula is developed utilizing researched and safe dosages of specialized ingredients to ensure that we are providing you with the most efficacious product you can buy.

Force Factor Science - Manufacturing Steps and Quality Process Ingredient and Supplier Identification Force Factor Science - Finished Product Testing
Force Factor Science - Manufacturing Steps and Quality Process Manufacturing Steps and Quality Process

If it carries the Force Factor name, you can guarantee it was produced in a state of the art, FDA registered, GMP compliant facility. We even require our manufacturers to be certified by an accredited third party GMP certification agency. We wouldn’t settle for anything less, and neither should you!

Ingredient and Supplier Identification

We accept only the highest-quality materials from select suppliers who meet our strict standards and qualifications. Once a supplier for the ingredient has been qualified, the material itself goes through a rigorous battery of analytical tests to verify its identity, potency and that it is free from contamination. When the material is verified and released, it is then ready to be used in our manufacturing processes. These steps include, blending, encapsulation/tableting, and then final packaging for distribution.

Ingredient and Supplier Identification Blending and Encapsulation/Tableting

This is a process to achieve the correct, efficacious blend for the given formula and dosage form. This is achieved by following specific standard operating procedures for blend uniformity. Once the blend is uniform, it is moved into the encapsulation/tableting phase of manufacturing where it is filled into capsules or compressed into tablets depending on the product and formula.

In Process Quality Testing

Testing does not end at the incoming raw material stage. At all stages of production, quality and safety processes look for any impurities such as microbials, heavy metals, and/or allergens. This is all performed to ensure that the product being manufactured meets all of our strict standards.

Force Factor Science - Finished Product Testing Finished Product Testing

Every step of our manufacturing process is controlled and tested, all the way to a product’s final packaging as finished goods. After the product has been packaged and boxed, it is sampled to verify that the product meets all our predetermined specifications. This is to ensure it meets defined criteria for identity, purity, potency, strength, and composition. Once the product is verified and released it can then be shipped to your door or to the closest distribution center of your favorite retailer.

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