The Secret to Better Sleep Isn’t What You Think

Too many sleep aids are not providing the quality sleep you deserve and the reason may surprise you.

Men and women around the world have discovered the secret to better sleep, and retailers can barely keep it in stock.

By Robert DiGiacinto Mar. 19, 2023 – 3 minute read

(Boston, USA) – If you struggle trying to fall asleep, or have trouble staying asleep, you are likely familiar with sleep aids. Sleep aids have been used for decades as a way to help people fall asleep and combat sleeplessness.

A quick search online will turn up hundreds of results for sleep aids that claim to support these concerns. But too many of these products have a major problem, and consumers are wasting millions of dollars every year – and it is not for the reason you may think.

The problem is the side effects. Too many of these sleep aids are overloaded with ingredients that do little more than knock you out and render you unconscious. While this might seem like a good thing, it is the reason so many of these sleep supplements leave you feeling groggy and sleepy in the morning. So while you are spending countless dollars on sleep aids hoping to wake up feeling refreshed and energized, you could be doing little more than emptying your wallet.

The Sleep Aid With A Surprising Benefit
Scientists at Force Factor have formulated a sleep aid that is creating major excitement on popular social media channels. Finally, adults who are looking for a reliable and effective way to get the rest they need have discovered a sleep supplement that really works.

Founded at Harvard in 2009 and based in Boston’s Innovation District, Force Factor’s research and development team have found a combination of scientifically studied ingredients that not only utilizes high-quality melatonin – the same hormone produced by the brain that regulates our sleep-wake cycle – but they have discovered a way to formulate it in a convenient and great-tasting gummy. They’re called Somnapure® Gummies – and they have become so popular that retailers are having trouble keeping them in stock.

Somnapure® Gummies contain a 10mg dose of melatonin, the “sleep hormone”. By utilizing a form of melatonin that mimics our brain’s own natural sleep hormone, these gummies not only help you fall asleep faster, but they also help you stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed.

This is welcome news for millions of men and women struggling to get a good night’s sleep and a relief for those frustrated with sleep aids that leave them feeling even more tired and groggy in the morning.

Why iHerb Shoppers Are Excited About It

One of those iHerb shoppers left a five-star review for Somnapure Gummies and says:

“These are the best melatonin gummies I have come across…Somnapure Gummies are super effective 20-30 mins before bedtime, with no next-day side effects!”

Another iHerb customer confirms:

“Excellent! Somnapure Gummies are the best…gives me a wonderful sleep with no hangover effect in the morning.”

It appears as though the major social media excitement surrounding Somnapure® Gummies is real, and iHerb shoppers are taking notice. And why wouldn’t they? A delicious and convenient gummy that helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed? It is the perfect combination in our opinion.

If you are one of the millions of adults who suffer from poor sleep quality, and are frustrated with sleep aids that make you feel tired and groggy in the morning (and want a solution that actually works), Somnapure® Gummies from Force Factor are simple, effective, and could be the solution you are looking for.