Millions of Adults Are Making This Heart Health Mistake

Millions of men and women are turning to beet supplements to support their heart and cardiovascular health. They’re making one major mistake.

Adults around the world have discovered the supplement secret to boosting their heart health without a prescription, and retailers are suddenly selling out.

By Rob D. Dec 22, 2023 – 2 minute read

(Boston, USA) – If you are an adult who struggles with cardiovascular health, or have been advised to pay more attention to your heart, you are likely familiar with beets. Beets are a naturally powerful root vegetable that provide incredible health benefits. From boosting heart-healthy energy and stamina, to supporting circulation and blood flow, they truly are one of nature’s most powerful cardiovascular superfoods.

Why The American Heart Association News Loves Beets

While beets are certainly not new, research continues to emerge on their amazing potential for heart and cardiovascular health. In fact, as recently as January 2023, the American Heart Association News published a report on the health benefits of beets, and why they should be a regular part of your health and wellness regimen. 

Men and women have been using beet supplements for years in an attempt to improve their circulation, blood flow, and support their cardiovascular health. A quick search online will turn up hundreds of results for beet powder supplements that claim to support these concerns. But too many of these products have a major problem, and men and women around the world are wasting millions of dollars every year. 

The problem is in the formulation. The circulatory benefits from beets comes in the form of nitrates. Beets contain naturally occurring nitrates that help your body produce nitric oxide – the molecule that widens blood vessels for better blood flow and circulation. The trouble is, you would have to consume dozens of beets every day to have any meaningful effect on your cardiovascular health. The truth is too many beet supplements simply don’t provide enough beet powder, or beet nitrates. 

So while you are spending countless dollars on beetroot supplements hoping to support your cardiovascular health, you could be doing little more than emptying your wallet.

A “Major Scientific Breakthrough”
Scientists at Force Factor have discovered a key ingredient combination that some are calling a “major scientific breakthrough” for beet supplements. It is already creating a major buzz on popular social media channels for active adults who are looking for a reliable and effective way to support their heart health. 

Founded at Harvard in 2009 and based in Boston’s Innovation District, Force Factor’s research and development team have found a unique combination of scientifically studied ingredients that not only deliver the heart-healthy benefits of beets for better circulation and blood flow, but stimulant-free energy and stamina, too. It’s called Total Beets® – and it has become so popular with active adults that retailers are having trouble keeping it in stock. 

Total Beets contains not just beet root powder, which is naturally full of nitrates – but it is combined with a patented form of betaine nitrates called NO3-T®. This powerful betaine extract delivers even more of the goodness of beets you have heard so much about. Not only is it a powerful and effective heart-health supplement, but it is delivered in a convenient and delicious drink mix powder with no beet taste. A win-win for anyone who dislikes beets and is tired of taking another handful of pills every day.

This is welcome news for millions of men and women struggling with cardiovascular health, and a relief for those tired of dirt-tasting beet supplements that simply aren’t living up to their promises.

 Why People Are Excited About It

One of those men is Christian, an online shopper who, along with his father, has been raving about Total Beets for nearly a year:

“My father and I have been using Force Factor Total Beets for months now (pushing a year) - It has helped with his blood pressure levels. He takes it as a pre-work out and is always pumped! He loves the taste so much. I also enjoy the increased stamina and energy this product brings with even just a small "shot" of it or by adding this to my morning smoothies!” - Christian A.


It appears as though the major social media buzz surrounding Total Beets is real, and adults of all ages are taking notice. And why wouldn’t they? A formula that is scientifically formulated with beetroot powder and strengthened with betaine nitrates that not only helps to boost heart-healthy energy, circulation, and blood flow, but also tastes delicious and refreshing? It is the perfect combination in our opinion.

If you are one of the millions of men and women who want to support their heart health and are frustrated with beet supplements that do not live up to their promises (and want a solution that actually works), Total Beets from Force Factor is powerful, effective, and could be the solution you are looking for.