Why Most Hydration Supplements Fail

Discover the shocking reason many hydration drinks could be doing your health more harm than good.

Americans are spending millions of dollars per year on hydration supplements to support their health, but there’s a major problem that one company has decided to solve.

By Rob D. Dec 22, 2023 – 2 minute read

(Boston, MA) - Are you tired of feeling dehydrated and sluggish? Do you struggle to stay energized throughout the day? You're not alone. Millions of people suffer from poor hydration without even realizing it.

Poor Hydration Affects You In Surprising Ways
Improper hydration is a serious problem that affects millions of people every day. When your body lacks adequate hydration, it can affect you in surprising ways – well beyond just feeling thirsty or having dry mouth.

Some of the most surprising signs you may not be hydrating enough include headaches, bad breath, mood swings, joint pain, cravings, dry skin, and even constipation. Yet despite all of the reasons why we should keep hydrated, there is one major reason that most people struggle with it.

Why Staying Hydrated is So Hard
With our busy lifestyles, we are constantly on the go and often simply “forget” to drink water. To make matters worse, water alone often isn’t enough to truly hydrate you. It lacks the essential electrolytes and hydrating minerals that your body craves to function at its peak.

And, if we are being completely honest, drinking the required 2-3 liters per day can be pretty boring. As important as hydration is, drinking plain water all day, every day can be a drag. That is when many of us turn to electrolyte powders, sports drinks, and flavor additives to make staying hydrated a bit more appealing.

In fact, Americans spend millions of dollars every year on sports drinks and electrolyte powders. But, these products, often marketed as “health” supplements, have a major problem.

The Hidden Problem with Hydration Drinks
Here’s the truth: too many sports drinks and electrolyte powders are packed with unhealthy amounts of sugar and salt. Not only do these additives wreak havoc on your health, but they can also leave you feeling bloated and sluggish. Not to mention the processed sugar – often 10, 15, or even up to 20 grams per serving – can sabotage your health and wellness goals. Thankfully, one company has decided to do something about it. And how they did it is generating a lot of excitement online.

A “Major Scientific Breakthrough”
Scientists have developed a hydration supplement that some are calling a “major scientific breakthrough”. It is already creating major buzz on popular social media channels for those seeking a better – and better-tasting – hydration solution. And how they did that might surprise you.

It’s called the Hydration Optimization Matrix™. This scientifically formulated blend uses a precise dose of natural cane sugar blended stevia leaf extract that works with your body’s natural systems to help you absorb more electrolytes. What is truly impressive, is that this technology helps you achieve better hydration with 10x less sugar than leading sports drinks.

Hydrate Better & Faster
So, not only does this formula provide you with more essential electrolytes than leading sports drinks – 3x more, to be exact – to hydrate you better and faster, it does so without overloading you with processed sugar.

Now, this exclusive technology is available in new Liquid Labs™ hydration powders from Force Factor, a globally recognized nutrition company on a mission to provide consumers with better, safer, and more effective health and wellness supplements.

This is welcome news for countless Americans who understand the importance of hydration for good mental and physical health, but are tired of the amount of sugar being pumped into their “health” supplements.

 Why Leading Hydration Drinks Taste Bad (And How They Try to Hide It)

The biggest complaint with the leading hydration powders is the taste. Too many of them rely on sodium from salt because it’s cheap and plentiful. Then, the saltiness is covered up with loads of sugar. A quick online search will reveal thousands of one- and two-star reviews like these:

“I was hopeful for [LEADING HYDRATION PRODUCT] until I took the first drink! Wow! Salty…I can hardly drink this.”

Another disappointed shopper says:

“I usually read all the ingredients…this time I didn’t. Uggggh…BIG mistake! [LEADING HYDRATION PRODUCT] is all pure sugar so unfortunately it will be headed to the trash.”


The truth is this: too many hydration drinks are loaded with sugar, and they’re simply not good for your health. The team at Force Factor recognized this as a major problem with hydration supplements and decided to tackle the problem head on.

The excitement surrounding Liquid Labs is real, and online shoppers are taking notice. And why wouldn't they? Better, faster hydration with less sugar, more electrolytes, and it tastes great? It is the perfect combination in our opinion.

Improper hydration is a serious problem that affects millions of people every day. But with Liquid Labs by Force Factor, you can finally get the hydration your body needs without all the unnecessary sugars and salts found in other supplements. Try Liquid Labs by Force Factor today and feel the difference for yourself.