Force Factor Becomes #1 Superfoods Brand in America

Nov 15, 2023

BOSTON. [15] Nov. 2023 - Less than two years after launching the Total Beets® line of beets-based supplements, Force Factor has secured its position as the leading superfoods supplement brand in America*. 

Superfood supplements have grown in popularity over the last few years, but have traditionally been expensive and oftentimes subscription based. Force Factor quickly grew to be a leader in this space by making superfood supplements more convenient and accessible. Force Factor now offers a complete line of superfood-based supplements, supporting a wide range of health benefits, sold in large brick & mortar and e-commerce retailers at accessible price points.  

Launched in 2021, Total Beets was Force Factor’s first foray into superfoods, offering innovative and great-tasting formats such as soft chews and powders that provide heart-healthy energy and nitric oxide boosting benefits.  Following its rapid success in the market, Force Factor launched three additional superfood sub-brands in 2022: Amazing Ashwa®, an ashwagandha-based supplement to support stress relief and mood; Better Turmeric® for inflammation and joint health; and Smarter Greens®, to support digestion and gut health. 

“Our superfood supplements offer incredible value and real results. Our soft chews in particular have quickly become popular with consumers due to the novel format, which provides a convenient way to add extra nutrition into your daily routine. All of our new launches within superfoods have been hugely successful with consumers because they’ve come to trust our products’ efficacy, and appreciate their great taste,” said Force Factor CEO, Daniel Wallace. 

Force Factor is a highly innovative company, launching into more superfood categories in 2023 with the launch of Modern Mushrooms®, containing a blend of functional mushroom fruiting bodies to support energy, immunity and overall wellbeing; Perfect Maca™, an ancient super root believed to promote energy, vitality, and libido; and Collagen Boosting Superfoods, a beauty-focused blend to support healthy hair, skin, and nails as well as natural collagen production. 

Force Factor's commitment to research, product development, and customer satisfaction has placed them at the forefront of the superfoods industry, garnering the attention of some of the world's biggest retailers. From their beginnings as a male-focused sports nutrition brand to becoming America's #1 Superfoods brand is a testament to Force Factor's dedication to innovation and its mission of improving global health for a better future. 

About Force Factor

Founded at Harvard in 2009 and based in Boston’s Innovation District, Force Factor is an award-winning global health company committed to developing powerful, safe, and effective formulas backed by groundbreaking scientific research. With a mission to improve global health for a better future, Force Factor vitamins, supplements, and superfoods are accessible, affordable, and conveniently available at many national and international retailers and e-commerce stores. 

*Based on IRI POS data, Mulo, L13 W/E 8/13/23



Media Contact:
Madeline Chesley